Hello, Globe Trotter Trev here.

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About Me

I am a Canadian married man in my 40s. My wife and I travel as much as we possibly can, now that we are in a financial position to afford that luxury. As a well-ripened couple, we tend to prefer comfort in our travels, meaning we want to stay in decent hotels, not necessarily 5 star, but not hostels either. Don’t get me wrong, hostels have their place for the budget traveler, I’m not knocking them; we just want a bit more comfort and privacy.

I started this blog to appeal to the 30-50’s crowd who want and/or need advice. Who, instead of spending their midlife crisis on a sports car, use their money to travel. I’m not going to lie, I look for travel advice myself. I want great deals, I want value for my dollars and I want to experience the world. I feel like people my age (or near it) want that too. This blog will be a little bit travel blog, a little bit journal, a little bit food blog and also a little bit photography blog. As I am a Red Seal journeyman cook, I enjoy a nicer restaurant now and then.

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I’m not some young punk, who thinks he can get everything for free, and doesn’t have to work hard to get it. I balance this blog with a full time job as a supervisor for a retirement home. My employer now allows me 4 weeks of vacation a year. So I get how precious your vacation time is. Vacations are expensive and you want to squeeze every last bang for you buck. I’m not the bee all end all, but I know how to have a good time and how to budget.

Believe me, if I was in my 20’s and had the drive I do now to travel, I would pack my backpack and set out on a world backpacking adventure. I’m just not that young anymore and I don’t really have the desire to live out of a backpack. I’m fully OK with living out of a suitcase instead: I can fit more of my stuff, and I can change my clothes on a regular basis without having to use hotel laundry services. Please don’t take my desire for comfort travel as snobbery; if backpacking and hostels is how you want to travel, just do it. Everyone could use a bit more culture, how you expose yourself to that, is up to you. You won’t see me looking down on you with my reading glasses. Perhaps with a little envy, but not disdain.

I am more than OK if someone recognizes me as a tourist. I don’t try to hide that fact, I am proud to be a tourist. I am proud to be a world traveler. I love my DSLR camera and kit, I would not travel anywhere without it. I am going to wear my camera around my neck like a badge of honor. If you are a point and shoot user, so be it, if you want to use your cellphone, so what? I use a DSLR because I want to, not because it makes me feel superior. A recent traveler looked at my camera and told me he felt inferior.Please don’t. While my camera is big and flashy, there’s nothing wrong with the camera you have. Do the pictures you take make you feel happy? Do you share them with others who appreciate them? Then who cares what I have?

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